Photo caption: Your pics with your text

Amazing design templates with your caption as a photo effect. Add text to your photos to truly put your message across.

Add text to photos

  • Label your photos with customised text
  • Download or post (e-card or postcard) your edited photos
  • Wide range of creative design templates
  • Personal gift idea: your images as a unique personalised photo gift

Custom caption: Your text on a photo

As they say, a picture speaks a thousands words, but it speaks volumes when you add a caption to it, creating a more powerful message. Using PhotoFancy's caption feature you can add text to your images to help tell your story or simply enhance your photos with a funny caption to make people smile. Your text might be to explain where the photo was taken and who is in it, or the text may be the main feature. It's up to you how you personalise your images; funny, quirky or sentimental. You have the choice: From simple photo captions to a complete photo story.

Photo with your text added incl. free picture download

With PhotoFancy, your image melds perfectly with our effects. It's free to use and it's free to add your own captions too. You can download your images to add to your own private photo collection or add messages to your photos and post them on social media for your friends and family to enjoy. Order a postcard from PhotoFancy you'll receive your customised photo as a high quality print. We take data protection seriously. You are the author and you retain the rights to your images. We will never use your images or pass them on to any third parties. Likewise, to use our service, please ensure you own the rights to any images you upload and that the images do not contain any illegal content. If in doubt, get in touch. PhotoFancy is totally free to use so have fun!

Sensational Personalisation: Photo gifts with personalised images

In addition to photo-effects, image editing options and photo collages the photo caption is yet another brilliant tool for creating individual photo gifts. Add a witty comment to a photo and create a fabulous personalised gift, or add a romantic message to make the perfect present for your loved one. When you have created your image, you'll have the choice to download the image to your computer, share it on Facebook or have it made into a personalised photo gift.

Magic Photo caption: Your text or name in the integrated photo

One of our most impressive features is the integration of text into an image with the PhotoFancy MagicName® Photo Collection. Simply enter your text and be amazed! As if by magic, your text appears in a photo as if it was there when the photo was taken. The perfect illusion in photo quality. Give it a try – it has to be seen to be believed.

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