Create magical pictures by adding personal names to our images

A magical and emotive variation of photo personalisation. Select a magic photo from our MagicName photo gallery and make it totally enchanting by adding your desired name. The name appears in the photo so realistically, as if it was photographed just for you.


  • Fascinating photo personalisation in photo quality
  • Special love messages
  • Magical pictures from love to Christmas
  • Guaranteed free of charge for your own download
  • Send cost-free name greeting cards
  • Great ideas for personalised photo presents

Name pictures - the photo magic of your own name

Everybody loves to see their own name. Hardly any other lettering is more clearly remembered than the letter combination or the "picture of the name". Carved statements of affection on a tree in the park or initials in the sand are absolutely true examples of the fact that a name also works as a beautiful message. Nowadays, there are even Coke bottles upon which the CocaCola® logo is replaced by names. Advertising with emotion and a smile. People are attracted to their own name, it makes for a great personalised advertising strategy. With the assistance of the PhotoFancy software for picture personalisation, PhotoFancy users can design personalised pictures simply by selecting a magical name picture and entering their desired name. Be surprised, astounded and amazed. As if by magic, your name is integrated into the selected professional photo, as if it was photographed especially for you. A photorealistic illusion in perfect picture quality for free download.

Pictures with names create emotional messages

The PhotoFancy photo gallery with magical name pictures offers the perfect photo with a name to convey your message. The MagicName collection is continuously being extended by our photo artists. The topics include love themes, sports, everyday scenes and special occasions such as birthdays, Christmas and Easter. Become a PhotoFancy baker and embellish a birthday cake, with your desired name as almond silvers or have heart balloons with your loved one's name fly. You can easily create lovely messages with just a few clicks for which you would otherwise need an elaborate photo shoot: picture personalisation with heart and action.

Your name in the picture as a photo gift or cost-free greeting card

Do you like your name in the picture? Simply download the name theme and save it on your hard drive. Whether as a desktop background, for printout with your own printer or as a picture to send via private e-mail. Pictures with names are ideally suited to add that little extra something to your messages or as a great feature on very personal photo gifts. Give the gift of true personalization. For greetings, you can use the cost-free greeting cards at PhotoFancy as eCard or real postcard. The product range of photo gifts at provides you with some particularly unique gift ideas. You can turn your name photo into a personalized gift with just a few clicks. Simply check out the picture personalization and effects of the name gifts from PhotoFancy. Just checking them out is fun, free and without commitment.

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