Photo effects online and free: From nostalgic to crazy

Style your own photos with professional photo effects, add picture frames or the unique "Picture in Picture" effect. Beam filter, vintage nostalgia filter or romantic love frames make your photos send the right message. Using our "Pic in Pic" feature you can put your photo in a whole range of fantastic setting. It's an effect that needs to be seen to be believed! . Have fun with PhotoFancy...

Photo effects

  • Professional quality filters for digital photos
  • Photo effects from nostalgic to fancy
  • Romantic frames and scenes for love messages
  • Picture frames from baroque to contemporary
  • Guaranteed free of charge for your own download
  • Send free greeting cards
  • Great ideas for personalised photo gifts

Photo effects - beams, flashlight or to quality vintage filters

Give a professional look to your digital photos with the great effects from PhotoFancy. A photo with a 30's look is usually only found in the attic or in a dusty grandparents' photo box. However, you don't need to scrabble around in the attic anymore as you can get the same effect with PhotoFancy. With one click, your photo fades into vintage style, age marks are added and even classic exposure errors from the early years of photography. In order to get this collection of filters, framing masks and photo effects, you could spend several hours trying to get to grips with photo effects software. With PhotoFancy, this takes only 2 minutes and is absolutely free of charge – without losing the picture quality. The same applies to other crazy photo effects such as beams, flashlights or funny distortions you can find under "Facelift" in this cost-free online photo effect software. Take your photo to a fantastic or bizarre world of colours, crease it digitally, turn it into a puzzle or blur your picture with the PhotoFancy colour spiral. The photo effect categories Fantasy and Fancy-Colours are truly out of this world. With PhotoFancy, the artistic worlds of Andy Warhol and comic books are available to you. With the photo filters and cartoon filters under "Catoonizer", "Warhol" and "Art", you can turn your photo into a modern work of art or a hand-drawn cartoon. Experience the creative world of photo effects and discover many more effects and enhancements for your digital photos. Of course, this is all absolutely free of charge and without commitment.

Picture frames as a photo effect online - frame photos free of charge

A good frame enhances every photo. With PhotoFancy, you can find digital picture frames to suit every image, with styles from modern and playful to baroque picture frames from the good old days of oil paintings. Simply visit the categories "Creative Frames" or "Picture Frames" and test the effects of the our picture frames. Particularly ostentatious picture frames are often very heavy and expensive outside the digital world: With PhotoFancy, of course, frames are free and light as a feather.

Put your photo in the limelight - "Picture in Picture" a free photo effect

With PhotoFancy, you can make a heart-felt love message from a digital photo. Simply upload the photo of your loved one and use the love photo effects under "Fancy-Photo". A photo cannot express more love than this! Start a journey of discovery through the "Fancy-Photo" world now and place your photos into scenes of everyday life or a fantasy world. See your photo as a big luminous advertising screen on Times Square, on a big theatre stage, on the cover of a daily newspaper or in scenes one can only experience digitally at The perfect photo illusion – of course for free download. Simply download your finished artwork and save it on your hard drive. Whether as a desktop background, for printout or as a photo attachment for private e-mails. By the way, with PhotoFancy, free greeting cards are available to you as an eCard or postcard. The unique gift ideas from the photo gifts product range are a highlight at You can turn your photo into a unique personalised gift with just a few clicks. This is the only product offered by PhotoFancy that is not free of charge, but it is very inexpensive. In summary, PhotoFancy offers guaranteed cost-free photo effects and collages for download in print quality (if you have uploaded your photo in this quality), free greeting cards and a cost-free service that enables you to share your photographed experiences with friends on Facebook. And, of course, the creativity of many great designers and illustrators: Experience your photos.

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